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Benefits of Outsourcing E-commerce Order Fulfillment

E-commerce is very crucial to most businesses nowadays. E-commerce has helped most business to be updated with the modern technology thus making a high competition of firms.


E-commerce order fulfillment helps to save on shipping. The rates of shipping are driven by the order volume. When one works with a third party fulfillment partner, one will be able to get access to the freight rates that are better. Therefore one benefits from the combined shipping volume of all the other warehouses. When one is packing and shipping materials one gets more power from outsourcing e-commerce order fulfillment.


Shopify API shippingorder fulfillment delivery is done faster. For example, when one does fulfillment in their house, it will be done from that area making it convenient for your business. One is also advantaged because the facility is not in an area that will provide optimal cost and transit times to your clients. When one works with e-commerce order fulfillment, they are likely to save on the shipping costs and also will motivate order delivery to your clients.


E-commerce order fulfillment helps to lower your operating costs. Using a third party logistics to run warehouse operation your expense are shared among many clients making it cheaper for you unlike when you are running your warehouse operation where all the costs are yours. Examples of expenses that are shared among the clients using the facility include; labor, equipment, rent, utilities and other services. For that reason, one can save the expenses of hiring, managing and training warehouse employees. To read more about the benefits of E-commerce shipping technology, go to


Using a third-party fulfillment partner, one only pays for what one uses.  This is because you share the expenses with other customers. Most costs are paid on a monthly basis regardless of the amount you ship on the customers' orders. When one price from the third party fulfillment partner, it is activity based as one incur only the cost only when you have a request. One will also not be locked into building leases and other commitments of long-term financing. Get shipstation extension here!


A third party order fulfillment warehouse helps one to get better technology and also inventory management.  This is because they have the industry leader and they are qualified on the technology to enable proper running of your business. For example seamless integration with the business sales channels and the management tools that are used to optimize tasks.


The e-commerce order fulfillment helps to improve your customer's services and also the return.  Working with third-party fulfillment centers, they take less to provide the client's support and also an effective return process.